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Various delicacies in shen Shanghai surprises on the tip of the tongue

Date: 2012-09-22

, according to the Shanghai morning post reports from the exotic features of fruits, delicacies from all over the world, across the country, local products, aquatic products around the world gathered in Shanghai...Shanghai shopping festival period, from Shanghai oral not shallow.
Reporter compiled a gourmet map, readers take, can find the most temptation to your taste buds.
Fruit exhibited
Location: Shanghai south road no. 2000 on the wholesale market for agricultural products
Window: 60 varieties of imported fruits and 70 kinds of domestic fruit sales
During the shopping festival, "the shiliupu" fruit wholesale market in one hundred will bring together 60 varieties of imported fruits and 70 kinds of homebred fruit sales, let the general public taste, purchase to the characteristics of fruit in various countries and various areas of the world.While enjoying the delicious, citizens can also enjoy the national and regional fruit culture charm.
On the feeling of fruit culture at the same time, farmers also launched products display exhibition activities, products of agricultural products are packed into the Shanghai market all over the country, such as qinghai products of animal husbandry products, famous brand products and other products of agricultural and sideline products throughout the country.
Jinjiang international food festival
Location: jinjiang group, 21 hotels
Window: around and exotic foods
Jinjiang international food festival, to be able to enjoy the different flavors of exotic cuisine.Huating hotel food festival activities launched Bulgaria, taste the authentic Bulgarian dishes and drinks.While green jiulong hotel launched "the Mediterranean food festival", cuisine with delicious seafood, green organic vegetables, cooking and on the basis of selection of raw materials such as olive oil.Food has become part of the Yangtze river delta region of member hotels "hits", known as the "garden" hotel Shanghai Sabina chinensis hotel launched "autumn huaiyang cuisine show" activities.Hotel and hongqiao hotel Shanghai launch is given priority to with ningbo food festival at the same time.
"Food was Singapore"
Location: ase malls
Highlights: Singapore food
The event aggregate the collective appearance of Shanghai famous Singapore food enterprises.Organizers will take Singapore food delicious, unique international recognition of food quality and food production technology certification, singaporeans enthusiasm for food and food digest behind the eastern and western culture, to show incisively and vividly in front of consumers.In the activity, the citizens can enjoy Singapore food, DIY food, bring Singapore food to family and friends.
Shanghai international aquatic products exhibition of ocean deep sea fish product appreciation
Location: suning wujiaochang flagship store underground hall
Highlights: deep sea fish with high quality products
The appreciation will be collected from all over the world high quality deep sea fish, participants make consumers feel blue ocean culture at the same time, also to ensure the food safety.In the north Pacific king crab, Morocco octopus has a soft gold reputation, good quality of Argentina squid, Atlantic deep-sea hairtail and arctic...These delicious raw food grade will be presented at the show.
Shanghai fisheries group booth, from Taiwan's green roast milkfish, garlic milkfish, desktop five willow milkfish and other food also impart a strong culture of southern Taiwan.
Shangrao local specialties (Shanghai) exhibition
Location: bailian hongkou shopping center
Window: shangrao speciality
Nowadays, shangrao has become green products most populous city in jiangxi province.The exhibition, wuyuan tea, angla in ten thousand, a native of rice cakes, le maple chili, camellia oil, a large number of xinan aquatic products is known as the shangrao green (organic) products will be entered Shanghai.
Because of the beautiful mountain, wuyuan, shangrao has been Shanghai people are familiar with.Nowadays, shangrao also become green products most populous city in jiangxi province.Is the national ministry of commerce has just been awarded the first national demonstration base of transformation and upgrading of foreign trade professional.Shangrao specialty with its high quality, safe, pollution-free advantages sold well all over the country, towards the world.
To meet the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival jing an ecological characteristics of agricultural products trade fair
Location: jing 'an temple square
Window: more than 300 varieties of characteristic agricultural products
This trade fair will be from chongming, fengxian, pudong new area of suburban county, such as more than 20 agricultural leading enterprises, bring citizens of vegetables, fruits, eggs, aquatic products, bacteria in package and traditional Mid-Autumn festival, cakes, frozen food and other kinds of characteristic agricultural products more than 300 varieties.Period of fresh vegetables and fruit, make people feel at home "fresh air" chongming island and other places.The organizers in the premise of guarantee the quality of dishes, of 2 - thirty percent lower than the market price of agricultural products related preferential promotion, will be affordable to citizens.
Brand food expo 2012 Shanghai
Location: Shanghai agriculture exhibition center
Window: any special foods in Taiwan and the famous food enterprise sales at home and abroad
Shanghai food association, Shanghai (productivity) small business service center sponsored by the "2012 Shanghai brand food expo", will be in Shanghai on September 26 solstice 30 agricultural exhibition hall splendid appearance.Nearly 60 domestic famous brand food companies will show their brand food let Shanghai residents inspect the choose and buy, Yangtze river delta region, sichuan, xinjiang, henan puyang and chongming local brand food company, former state will also carry their own food appearance appear.From the island of Taiwan flavor snacks and excellent food enterprises at home and abroad to Shanghai exhibition at the same time.In addition, the north and south around the local products, bad products, organic rice, grains, and seafood brands such as food and everything.

"High-quality goods of kitchen life friend" sales activities
Location: good convenience stores
For centralized exhibition window: high-quality grain and oil products
Friend shopping during the festival, Shanghai (group) "high-quality goods of kitchen life friend" sales activities, for the community residents to rest assured, high-quality grain and oil products.Activities to good convenience stores as a platform for Shanghai residents familiar quality grain and oil products for centralized exhibition, a sea lion brand LeHui brand rice, cooking oil and convenience food, snow finches CARDS three add flour, sesame oil, taste all flour products, etc., through the form of such a healthy diet, convenient security concept and knowledge into the community, will be at ease and affordable to the common people's home.