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Jinjiang international food festival will be wonderful

Date: 2012-09-13

Grand scale "Shanghai shopping festival" in 2012, will soon kick off in September."Jinjiang international food festival" as the "2012 Shanghai shopping festival highlights an important activity, have also been prepared by the hotel in Shanghai area members, entered the final sprint stage, the splendid appearance.

All the members to participate in activities of the hotel in Shanghai in 2012 during the period of "Shanghai shopping festival" will launch a large number of distinctive food festival activities.There are both old Shanghai characteristic flavor dishes, and full of exotic features gourmet food, more embodies the characteristics of jinjiang traditional dishes.

Huating hotel launched Bulgaria food festival (provided by the country's consulate in Shanghai to assist), will bring roses home greetings, please you eat real Bulgaria dishes and drinks, and during the event and prizes waiting for many diners.In addition, the hotel restaurant moongazing taichung will also introduce many delicious crab feast food, sweet and delicious authentic hairy crabs will be drunk with you together of the autumn.

Autumn season is chrysanthemum yellow fat crab, international hotel and also shopping festival during the galaxy hotel will launch the popular delicious crab banquet dishes, let Chinese and foreign guests can also experience Shanghai diners favorite kinds of hairy crabs cooking.

Jinjiang hotel launched "jinjiang classic sichuan cuisine week" jinjiang traditional and classic cuisine, inherit and carry forward the jinjiang sichuan flavor of Shanghai style, at the same time, combining with the hotel chef innovation improvement of varied social returns this year, showing jinjiang cook exquisite artistry and creativity.

Jinjiang tower hotel during shopping festival will also launch a speck of tricholoma matsutake food festival.Main features for raw material with fresh truffle dishes, tricholoma matsutake lubrication and refreshing, beauty, fresh fragrance fragrance 4 excessive, raise value extremely.After chefs carefully craft cooking will tricholoma matsutake original, besides the color, aroma, taste nice dishes, still full of meaning, form, connotation.

Jinjiang tower hotel also will launch "Shanghai food festival" and "harvest festival".Shanghai food festival for seafood steak barbecue, delicate cuisines and dessert buffet.Food flavor, fresh taste, thick sauce.Shanghai food after improvement and innovation, and retain the original, already use again at the same time keeping in good health food, nutrition is rich, delicious taste.And used raw materials adopt unique autumn season autumn festival food, match with various crab flour food, golden delicious crab flour paste yellow concurrently, taste sweet.Autumn food because of time inconsistency, the appropriate for people, suitable for autumn keeping in good health.

To coincide with the 2012 Shanghai shopping festival, jianguo hotel Shanghai local cuisines restaurant small launch fashion Shanghai dish, and choose the most fresh ingredients in the quarter, with little Shanghai experienced chefs carefully arrange, with innovation, characteristic of, overflow close service moved to the guests to bring more of the shopping festival.At the same time make the founding of the Shanghai local cuisines themed restaurant brand, improve the image of the service.