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Ctrip and characteristic hotel upgrade strategic cooperation

Date: 2016-12-30

The orange crystal hall, hotel group after the seclusion, flowers, ctrip and large-scale hotel group recently, elegant hotel group, and the flower hotel group also announced that will further deepen strategic cooperation.

"In 2017, is a gorgeous hotel group in the strategic development key of the year. For a long time, large-scale hotel to focus on building is suitable for the Chinese holiday. The future is the quality of life s, after the holiday the forerunner of the development strategy, jun rings are now actively create your rings on holiday, to provide quality life carrier. In the tourism industry chain, including eating, accommodation, transportation, traveling, shopping, entertainment multiple elements, these elements of ctrip can closely with gorgeous hotel group to build strategic binding rings on the prince of the circle together."Jun rings director said, "this will let us the platform to get more opportunities."

It is reported, ctrip and rings, elegant, and the flower hotel group has long been a strategic cooperation.High star hotel group as ctrip's focus on developing business, has been leading the market advantage.Previously, the two sides have in products, technology, Internet marketing and other aspects of close cooperation, achieve good results.

The ctrip, so far, more than 250 million registered users, the APP was downloaded more than 2.3 billion, flow entrance.Ctrip relevant controller introduces, with the aid of ctrip entrance to the main flow, jun rings, elegant, and the group to further expand the online distribution channels, to reach more consumers.

At the same time, due to the ctrip products cover resort, air tickets, travel, train tickets, and other departments, and with ctrip hotel system closely linked, so that consumers can through a variety of forms, to know all these hotels group of products.

"Scholarly has been ctrip strategic partners", scholarly group said, "the two sides in the field of products, technology, marketing and other all-round cooperation more effective play to the strengths of both parties, provide consumers with better products and services."

According to understand, ctrip with the "win-win" relationship between upstream and downstream industry chain, the including your rings, elegant, and the flower hotel group of comprehensive recognition.

More than that.Technology innovation by frequent overweight, ctrip is the hotel, consumers more closely together, strategic cooperation with the hotel group, have a big imagination space.

So far, ctrip has launched "flash", customer service robot, such as innovative service, and actively smart door lock market layout, let consumers enjoy more convenient reservation, check-in experience.Online self-help choose room as an important part of wisdom hotel, is the key of ctrip sends force, will let the user experience of hotel industry to realize from the "book hotel" to "room" leap.

In addition, the latest version, ctrip APP has built-in "hotel housekeeping, can provide more precise and timely service for consumers.We have learned, in ctrip hotel APP order details page after entering "hotel housekeeping, consumer to select a" housekeeper ", can enjoy 1 to 1 exclusive service at any time.

In one group, wisdom will be ctrip hotel and the hotel the focal point of a new round of strategic cooperation, help build a more perfect service system, enhance the user experience, lead the new trend in the hotel industry development.In the end, this will enable ctrip, such as hotels, consumer multi-win-win situation.